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3DStick — Capture your world in 3D

3DStick — Capture your world in 3D

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3DStick is a compact tool that fits in your backpack for scanning the world in 3D quickly and easily. With its four Sony 15-megapixel cameras and massive 3-meter reach, you can scan large objects and scenes from all heights and angles in a snap.

Take your bring your brand, product, or business to the next level in 3D

Perfect for Gaussian Splatting, NeRF, and photogrammetry users on the move, 3D Stick lets you scan the world without breaking stride:

  1. Extend the carbon fiber 3D Stick up to 3 meters high
  2. Use the Sony Imaging Edge Mobile app on your smartphone to start the capture on all 4 cameras simultaneously
  3. Walk around the object/scene while capturing

That's it!

Get inspired: Check out our Instagram for 3D captures created with the 3DStick:

Includes all the hardware you need to capture in 3D:

  • Length: 3 meter carbon fiber pole (50cm fully collapsed)
  • Weight: 830g (easily held in one hand)
  • Cameras: 4 Sony RX0 cameras (refurbished)
  • 2 tilt heads (top and bottom) for capturing underneath and above the subject
  • Includes 4 batteries and charger
  • Includes 4 MicroSD cards and USB card reader

* Install Sony Imaging Edge Mobile app on your iOS or Android mobile device to wirelessly control all 4 cameras. (

3DStick comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. Not satistfied with your purchase? Return it within 30 days for a full refund.

Questions? Email with any questions. We're happy to help.


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