Instruction Manual

Your 3DStick is equipped with Sony RX0 cameras and controlled with the Sony Imaging Edge Mobile app. For full details of the cameras and Sony mobile app refer to the online web manuals for the most up to date details.
Sony RX0 camera online manual (
Sony Imaging Edge Mobile online manual (

3D Capture

3DStick is suitable for 3D capture for photogrammetry, NeRF, or Gaussian Splatting. With 3DStick you will be able to capture multiple angles/elevations of a subject simultaneously using multiple cameras at the same time.

How to set up the 3DStick

Note: RX0 cameras function as a network of cameras with the uppermost camera, 'RXA', serving as the main camera, which creates and broadcasts its own wifi network,  and the other cameras functioning as clients that connect to the main camera's network.

1. Download the Sony Imaging Edge Mobile app to your iOS or Android smartphone. (

2. Insert the MicroSD cards into each of the RX0 cameras. (

3. Turn on all the cameras
4. On the uppermost camera ('RXA') press the menu button and navigate to the 'Network1' page and select the 'Ctrl w/ Smartphone' option

5. Select the 'Connection info' option

A QR code will be displayed on the screen

7. On your smartphone open the Sony Imaging Edge Mobile app and press '+ Camera Connection/Registration'

8. In the next menu press the bottom 'Register other models' option

9. In the next menu select 'Scan QR Code'

10. Point your camera phone at the QR code displayed on the camera screen. When a popup message asks you whether you want to join a network, press 'OK'

The Sony Imaging Edge Mobile will now connect to the main camera and the other client cameras registered to the main camera

You will see the live view from each cameras as well as details about each camera's battery status, number of shots remaining, shooting mode, and whether it is the main camera (in this example the upper right) or a client camera.

Pressing 'DISP' will give you the status of each camera but without the live view from each camera.

11. Pressing 'MENU' in the Sony Imaging Edge Mobile app will allow you to adjust the cameras settings as a group or individually. For 3D scanning we recommend taking photos in continuous mode and using the same settings on all cameras. Because auto modes can cause large differences in brightness and color balance among pictures,  we recommend setting the shutter speed, ISO, and white balance manually.

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